What Sets Us Apart

Building trust, one smile at a time!

As a pediatric provider, our staff and doctors utilize easy-to-understand dental terms so your child can understand what is going on. We will make sure children understand why they are in the office and explain everything we will do before starting treatment. By doing this, we are able to foster trust with your son or daughter, and that makes dental care a whole lot easier.

Helping little smiles grow up big!

Many people believe fixing baby teeth is unnecessary; they just fall out anyway, right? Not so fast. If a primary tooth can be saved, it is the best way for a permanent tooth to come in — through the least path of resistance. Primary teeth are the placeholders for permanent teeth, and should be kept until they fall out naturally.

Making dentistry easy!

Brett Mann Pediatric Dentistry offers mild oral sedation, which allows children who are anxious or fearful to accomplish the treatment they need. Your child will be awake during the appointment but won’t remember anything for about 30 minutes. The sedative effects wear off quickly, and most kids are back to their normal smiling selves before they get home.