What Sets Us Apart

Great Smiles Start Here!

At Clark & Associates Dentistry, we are dedicated to caring for every child as one of our own: with compassion, patience, and respect for their individual needs.

Our pediatric dentists — Dr. Holly, Dr. Kate, — and each member of our team are dedicated to providing your youngster with the quality dental care she or he deserves.

We want our patients always to feel safe, to know they are heard and matter, and to grow up feeling at ease in the dental environment. In this way, we establish oral health, help children develop good dental hygiene practices, and start them on their way to a lifetime of great smiles!

We’re All About the Kids!

Our practice sees only children, from infants through teens, and welcomes those with special developmental, physical, and emotional needs, too. Each and every child is treated with empathy and warmth, as we tend to the needs of their growing smile.

  • Connecting with Each Child: We take all the time necessary to forge a connection with our patients. By really listening and showing a genuine interest in who they are, we help kids feel more secure. Whether we’re chatting about superheroes and princesses, asking about their day at school, or listening to their plans for an approaching vacation, we really want to hear about their lives and interests.
  • Partnering with Parents and Caregivers: Every family is unique, with specific concerns and expectations. Our doctors and staff want to understand your situation and wishes, so we can care for your child in a way that exceeds your expectations. We are non-judgmental and are here to help and support you as your child grows. If you have questions or concerns, please talk with us. We’re always available and glad to help.
  • Positive, Laughter-Filled Visits: It is important for each child to learn that the dental office is a safe place. Our doctors and team members have special training and unparalleled experience in ensuring that visits — whether for a checkup and cleaning or more advanced procedure — go smoothly. We provide lots of praise and encouragement, explain what will happen in everyday language, and keep kids comfortable and entertained. Our happiest moments are at the end of a visit, when the patient is grinning and telling us he or she can’t wait to come back and see us.
  • Focus on Patient/Family Education: Good oral health starts at home, so we spend a lot of time teaching kids and parents about dental wellness. From nutritional guidance to establishing good dental hygiene habits, it takes all of us working together for the best results. We are here to help families raise healthy and happy kids, with bright and wonderful smiles, and inspire children to take pride in their oral health!

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Everyone at Clark & Associates Dentistry is excited to welcome your young children and you to our practice — where great smiles start! Please schedule an appointment for your little one at our Indianapolis, IN pediatric dental office today!

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